Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Cardstock Origami Dragon, This has Potential!

Today was one of those days where you sit back and experiment with ideas and techniques that have to be tested.   The idea!  Wet Folding a Dragon out of cardstock paper.   I have attempted to tackle this idea before, with less than ideal results.  However, in recent weeks I have experimented with some other techniques that showed promise.

 So today,  I folded one up with leftover cardstock.  As far as prototypes go  I think this one has potential.  The pictures do not do it justice ( as with most origami) and I chose the absolute worst part of the day to take the pictures.  I should have had natural sunlight or at the very least better lighting in general.  The results are that the red looks a little orange, and some of the detail is lost in the head and feet.  However,  the alternative was to not take any pictures and have nothing to show for this posting. makes due.

As mentioned before, this is just a prototype.  I want to work with a couple designs and maybe more colors.  It is rather exciting to think about all the possibilities!  

Other than that,  I also experimented folding up a new origami vase out of cardstock.  The previous vases for my flowers always looked a  So I thought about finding a new design and seeing how it would fold up with the thicker paper.   This particular design calls for a few very tricky 'unfolds' in the final stages.

 To complete the design,  I have to carefully unwrap the cardstock that is trapped behind several layers.  It is simple with regular paper, but cardstock is thicker and more stiff, making it a challenge to not rip as you are crushing it out.  However, the results are a stronger vase that has more rigidity.  Cheryl says that it looks better as well.  And it has locking folds that prevent it from unfolding over time.   Normally I would use glue to keep the vase together,  however,  glue  can be messy and takes time to dry.  Not to mention you have to hold it in place with either a clip or your fingers and that could scar the paper in places.....unsightly! 

As for the plants,  I revisited the little bonsai tree I made previously....this time with Orange and yellow leaves.  I still have about a 1000 flower trees I want to fold up...but that may take a little more time.   I can't wait! 

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