Friday, February 8, 2013

Origami Bonzai Maple.

I can't believe how much energy ACT scoring takes out of you!  I feel drained, Drained!  Both mentally and physically.  I mention this because it has taken all week to finish my maple leaf bonnzai tree.

 It's cute, and not bad for a first attempt.  I think there are things that I can improve on, however,  I'm a little short on the red cardstock now.   No worries,  I have other colors in mind that might turn out pretty contemporary cool!  (Is that worth a "6" in Language skill?)  An inside joke using ACT jargon. 

 Anyway,  the project at ACT s winding down and frankly, My brain is welcoming the break.   I still will have things to do...just not things that will make me any money.   I guess there is always "filling in the gaps in our stocking supply. "

 Not to mention Cheryl has been deeply involved with the writing of her book.  I'm very excited for her because it has taken 15 years for her to come up with something to write about.  And now that she has found her muse, she has become this tidal wave of determination that can't be stopped!  I'm her biggest cheerleader.   I know what it is like when you finally have the tiger by the tail and you just don't want to let go until you are finished. 
 Perhaps I'll finish that dragon this weekend.  My paper turned out pretty good from last week, however, some of the color ran,  producing interesting color patterns.  I'm not sure what I will be able to fold with them,  but we shall see...Hopefully I will have more pics for tomorrow!

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