Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Dragons, Trees, And Flowers

I have been working on several items to prepare for the grand opening to my origami shop.  I recently took a look at the competition on Etsy to see what is in store for me.  The results are promising.   Some shops actually do fairly well while others simply fail to impress.   I’m not sure where I will fall in that Bell Curve,   But you gotta start somewhere.  ( I know gotta is not a word….I’m using it for dramatic effect….Oh ACT writing scorers that read this blog).

Well then there is the picture taking aspect that I still have to master.  Cheryl says my pictures are fine.  I’m not seeing it that way.   Perhaps it is because I’m my own worst critic. Or… that by striving for perfection, I delay the opening of the shop, and thus prevent my work from ever selling and myself from making the untold millions that I know I deserve.  Therefore,  I will agree to post a product that is less than 100% perfection and, when the shop inevitably fails as a result,  I will be able to point at my hasty rush to market with inferior products!

With all those hang-ups,  I’m impressed that ANYTHING ever gets to market.  I’m surprised that I was a woodcarver of toilet seats and thought that there was nothing unusual about that business plan.  I guess that there is the “Rolling Start” of waging war and starting an Etsy  shop.  Where you go to war with the army you have then make modifications as the war plays out.  Perhaps it is the retired soldier in me that falls back on a Murphy’s Law or War Metaphor, But the best laid plans in war are thrown out the window moments after first contact.  The same could be said about Starting an Origami shop on Etsy.  

Many have tried. Many more have failed.  (Is that even possible?   How much more many are we talking about here?) However there are those who succeed on Etsy, as we have proven before.  Perhaps I will be one of the lucky ones….Or unlucky, depending on how you view success.  Perhaps I will be one of those shops that does not know when to quit.  Or is roped into doing custom orders that are way too much of a hassle to be worth the loose pocket change that is made in return.  I guess the only way to find out is to roll up my sleeves, take a deep breath, and Jump with both feet into the quicksand to see how deep the bog really is.  We shall see. 

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L. D. said...

The items in your shop are really great. The ming trees are striking and the dragons are quit a task. They remind me of the dragon iluustrations.


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