Saturday, February 9, 2013

Origami Ancient Dragon Complete!

Remember when I started it last week?  It's tough starting a large project and not having the energy to complete it.  However,  Instead of 4 days worth of folding,  I'm proud to say I finished it in two!  The shaping of the final folding went fairly quickly compared to last time.

 And it was much easier than before since I did not wet the paper from the beginning.  I applied a thin paste mixed with methylcellulose just on the finishing touches and then clamped them and dried them with the heat gun before moving on.

 So much easier!  I wish I had figured it out earlier.  In the end,  I think it might have taken me 8 hours total.  I was even surprised that the paper worked out as well as it did.  

Tomorrow I want to try some of the two ply tissue paper to see how it will hold up to the design.  It has been treated with a  methylcellulose coating so it should be stronger.  I'm a little worried that the paper is , at best, a 20 inch square.

 The paper I worked with on THIS dragon started out as a 30 inch square with the final sculpture ending up being about 12 inches long.  I may reach a threshold  where it becomes too small for me to work with.  I guess I will just have to find out in the end.  in the mean time.

Enjoy the pics.   I tried to take multiple angles, but I'm not sure any of them do it justice.  It has become one of those sculptures I have fallen in love with.  I can't wait to fold another! 

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