Friday, February 22, 2013

Origami Papillion, Rose, And ACT Freedom!

We finished the project at ACT yesterday and now have (perhaps) the next month or two off.  This is very exciting.  Because Cheryl has urged me to build an Origami Shop on Etsy.  I'm uncertain as to what I should offer at the moment,  but it seems that people who do one thing and do a lot of it seem to do the best.  That is:  If they ONLY do boxes, Lotuses, or flowers...they do better than the people who fold cool looking but strange insects.

  I still might offer some animals and insects just for my own fancy.   As of now, I just need to fold some stuff to put in the shop!  I also have to work on my pictures so they look better than what I usually post on this blog.   I have also determined that the Etsy shops that do not do very well, tend to have poor quality pictures.   I know how difficult taking good pictures of origami is,  they are meant to be seen in the 3-D world, not simply the 2-D.  So one of he first hurdles I will be facing is to take quality pictures.
  Then there is the Origami!  I have to fold something that will urge people to buy it.  I know pictures and staging helps a lot, but you still have too have something that looks cool so people will not be disappointed when they receive it.  Hopefully, the time folding for the ACT crowd will have been good practice for me. 
  And finally,  Cheryl has clearly outlined that she will not be helping me in any way.  ( except perhaps in criticism )  So the posting and writing of the descriptions will all be left to me.   YEAH!   I hope my creative writing style will not drive anyone away.  Most likely,  people will not even read it.  Origami is not rally a huge seller online.  We shall see.
  So to prepare for this epic mission,  I folded a Papillion dog and a couple of Robert Lang's roses so I could take their pictures.  I may have to adjust the background a bit to match the table.   Or create a shadow box of some type.  The dog was inspired by the tenants upstairs who have a Papillion/ Pomeranian  mix .   He is cute!  But he is still a puppy and he whines whenever they leave him alone.  Also,  he is way to friendly for Cheryl's taste.   As for me...I LOVE dogs!   With my new found time, I imagine I will be posting a little more often.  Well,  that is the plan anyway. 

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