Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Origami Tip….For the Waitress, That Is…

DSC_5276I have been wanting to fold up an origami dollar bill for a while, but have not had the opportunity  to try out some of my new designs.  Or techniques!  For that matter.  So tomorrow we are going out with some fellow unemployed co- workers to see how life after an ACT project progresses.  Or perhaps, it is just a reason to stay social with other people that are on the same wavelength as we view ourselves.   ( Feel free to take that last comment any way you like.  It is open to many interpretations and they are probably all true in one sense or another.)   Anyway…an Origami frog and koi….out of a dollar bill….TA DAAA!
DSC_5273I actually followed a diagram for the koi this time,  making it slightly longer than my first attempts.  However, in the end, I ended up taking a few “liberties” as the scale pleating did not line up as well as expected.   The cool thing is that I used a methylcellulose solution with a  heat gun to keep the scaled from unraveling.  Neato Beato!

DSC_5270Then there is the frog.  Nothing unusual other than he has five toes.  I pleated the edges, then collapsed a square into the frog that I usually fold.  It ended up rater small,  but still looks great and has potential to be better with a little more refining. 
Other than that,  I began working on a larger green dragon today, but only finished about half of the body before “quittin’ time”. So, after the meeting with the fellow dispossessed, I will probably work on finishing up the rest of him.   We shall see.

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