Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Black chinned Hummingbird and Ruby Breasted Grosbeak! In Iowa!

black_chinned_hummingbird_3_1_of_1   My first Hummingbird visitor is one I have never seen before!   How exciting!   At first I thought it was the Ruby throated hummingbird like the ones we have in Michigan.  (Actually ALL hummers  east of the Mississippi  Black-chinned_Hummingbird_Bob_Gress_080628_4849_Colorado are Ruby Throated hummingbirds)   At times, the Ruby Throated hummingbird can make its throat look black if the light hits the color right.  But this was different!

A few drab green and white ones came but today there was no mistaking that black patch under his chin.  I guess they range through Iowa at certain months, but this is not their main range.  EVEN BETTER!   It’s always cool to find a stray hanging out in your yardblack-chinned_hummingbird2

So, I will now have to keep an eye out for my new visitor and perhaps capture a few pictures of my own.  Luckily, the internet can supply these stock photos to give the name a “face”. 

In other news, ZZAdultMale9999 I finally have identified the black and white bird that we have spotted from time to time over the years on our walks!  It is a Ruby Throated Grosbeak!  We have seen it in flight many times and it always looked like a magpie.  But today I spotted that red spot on his breaks and there was no mistake.  Plus he was close enough to see with no foliage in the way to obstruct the spotting process. 

So How exciting!   Cheryl even saw a oriole today.   I know that might not be too impressive, but whenever you see birds that are not familiar to your place of origin,  it’s like seeing snow for the first time.   Almost magical!

DSC_0014 Other than that, Cheryl and I have been relaxing as we wait for the final pieces of the shop furniture to arrive.  I guess it is to be delivered on Thursday.  Hopefully when the tables are assembled and properly placed, we can make a call to the Stuff People and they can haul the old furniture away. stuff logo NEW july   And then we can get back in the “self-employment saddle” .   We started a few things the last few days, but really we are waiting for the shop to be complete before we start the major production of Items.   We shall see how things go on Thursday. 

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