Friday, June 20, 2014

The Year of the 17 Year Cicadae, SAT Finish With Beer and Dragons!

Wow!  What a long title!  I guess this is what happens when many things happen within a short amount of time without blogging.  So lets begin with the first item: 

17-year_cicada  The 17 Year Cicadae!   I heard these things this last few weeks and could not believe my ears.   Cicadas in Spring?   Then the proof presented itself with a damaged one ( still alive) on the road!   Smaller than the usual cicadae, these guys have those AWESOME orange wings with red eyes!  I know that most people would not get geeked out by seeing a cool insect, but I’m a Biologist at heart ( technically Fisheries Biologist, but you can still find Bugs cool!) magicicadaIf you happen to see one of these guys in your own yard, pause a moment and enjoy the idea that you will not see this insect again for another 17 years!  And try to let that sink in a little.   17 YEARS!    Kids are born and finish High school in 17 years! ( yes, I did it.  Graduated when I was 17.) 17 years these guys hang out in suspended animation in the ground and emerge for only one summer, then disappear for another generation.  Life is truly amazing. 

  thCA30EFLW Moving on, the next topic,  SAT Bubbling Marathon finish!   It only took us about 5 hours to finish all DSC_4732of the remaining essays.  And like a quick summer rain, we were finished and a pleasant memory.  The SAT table leader position was fun.  I had a pretty good group of people who made my life fairly easy.  No fights broke out, no chairs thrown, and only a few office supplies were missing.  To finally celebrate in the privacy of our own home, Cheryl and I revisited some old favorites in the beer category.  Both Beers are wonderful and without my Honey Brown, I have been forced to enjoy the “good stuff” for the time being.  These beers are the ones you sip, no guzzle.   You enjoy them with various foods to help release the flavors.  ( which are MANY!)   Honey Brown on the other hand, is the beer you enjoy by itself on a hot summer day. DSC_4734 Very Drinkable with a clean finish.   Not as complex as the Abby Ale ( my favorite of these types) but satisfying. 

And Last:  Some Origami Dragons.   I finished these guys several weeks ago, but had no energy or time to take their pictures and list them.   However, They are now prominent features in the shop.   I still have much origami to fold up in the coming days.  Hopefully I will be able to get to some of the things on the agenda, as we will soon be tearing the shop apart again to make it more “ User Friendly”. 

As with the Road work here in Iowa,  There may be ties when the shop will be called upon to be used while it is in its partial update.   In any case, I’m hoping it will be updated soon and I will be able to fold like the wind.  We shall see.

So, Enjoy the pics of the dragons and keep an eye out for the these black and red cicadas that show themselves once every generation.  I’m sure you will enjoy them and their song.   Their song, by the way, is much shorter than the normal cicadae.  They sound like a normal cicadae start, but suddenly stop after a warm up.  try and listen for them by some tree on a warm summer day.  If the ratchet sound is held for longer than 5 seconds, it probably is the green one we are all familiar with.  Best of luck to ya and enjoy!

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L. D. said...

I keep thinking the storms will crush them and stop them. I don't really remember how long it takes them to be done but I still see them emerging from the ground and also keep hearing them all day. There are less of them out there but my the buzzing can drive your crazy. I hear an old fashion fall cicada yesterday that sounded like the ones we have in the fall. Good luck and enjoy all that paper folding.


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