Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stormy Night In Iowa

02Qld-stormy%20stormy%20night-full%20sizeFinally some Rain!   It has been forecasted all week, but the rain has finally arrived….along with lots and lots of thunder and lightning!  2735778682_2c220aba22    


It’s all good!  I actually like thunder as I sleep and watching the lightning light up the night sky.   Cheryl and I decided to take our walk just as the storm rolled in.   It had been hot and humid most of the day, with the sun beating down on you.  For this reason, we have moved our walk time steadily back so we now head out around 6 pm.

Stormy-Night Perhaps we will head out later as the summer heat progresses, but tonight we headed out slightly later than normal.  As a result, we caught just a little or the rain as it began to sprinkle.  At least we did not get blown away or drenched! icfm1  

In other news, we attended the Iowa City Farmers Market.  Cheryl noted this it should have been called “Food Festival” instead.  A few vegetables, but mostly it was baked goods and preserves.  Great for foodies….bad for dieters. bb99842afcfef943f45ad89b4fd6ae9a   I’m not sure I like being surrounded by temptation let along that much of it! 

For now,  I’m going to enjoy the storm and listen to the thunder.    Hope everyone else is having a great weekend.  Enjoy!


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