Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wayne’s Birthday!

DSC_4705 Today was DSC_4719Wayne’s Birthday.  Remember Wayne?   The Piñata guy….  His Birthday follows Cheryl's and Cheryl could not let his kindness go unreciprocated.  So….( Drum roll please.)  ….Time for a Hawaiian THEME BIRTHDAY! 



 DSC_4721Sort of.  Well,  Much happened to DSC_4711keep it rather small.   I guess most of Cheryl’s table could not settle on one particular theme.   So Cheryl brought the tropical fish and flower neck things.  ( I know they have a name, just to lazy to ask of look them up)


DSC_4723 The food was brought by a few people.   And some forgot the stuff at home.   In the end, we only had about 45 minutes to enjoy it anyway.  All in all I think it went pretty well.  I think he is 77 today.   Not bad for 77 right?   That’s scoring for ya!   Keeps you young!DSC_4725


Other than that,  we posed for a few group photos and toasted to Wayne’s good health and many more birthdays to come.  Wouldn’t it have been great if we had REAL champagne?  

DSC_4731 Then Wayne opened presents….Not really sure what he received. 



I was busy talking to Phil most of the time.    Oh!   See  Phil?   He is on the far right of the group picture.   I warned him he was not going to get out of this one.   At least there were no goofy grass skirts or coconut bras to have to wear for this group photo.   I felt silly enough with the sombrero.   The Flower Necktie thing was enough dress up for me this time. 

DSC_4728Oh!  And to further embarrass Wayne.   Cheryl said I should post this pic of him as he opened his bubble wrap.  DSC_4730Remember he took that picture of Shawn during “National Donut Day” .   So I guess it is fitting revenge for Shawn.  


noelle osborn said...

That's my Dad! Glad to see he is up to his usual shenanegans :) I live all the way in Oregon,so it is good to know he is thriving and having such a good time. Noelle G. Osborn, Wayne's youngest

Shyla Osborn said...

Second daughter here (Shyla in Portland). Ditto on everything Noelle says. Our dad is so sweet and awesome. We love him lots!!

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Very COOL! Thanks for stopping in! Wayne talks to us about you guys ( well, actually Cheryl because she was at his table) He's quite the life of the party/table during scoring. He's very 'magnetic'. hehe.


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