Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Great Ethan Allen Feeling sick.

sick_in_bed_cropped_304412_3 Yesterday was an ok day.  We left for Ikea and accomplished our mission of investigation and purchases.  All was good, until we got home.  I’m not sure what I picked up, but I have felt TERRIBLE all day today and last night.  Instead of a head cold, this is more of a stomach flu.  Runny bottom, throwing up, Dizzy and joint aches!  I get to feeling fine, and BOOM!   I’m sweating and dizzy again!  My goal is to take it easy today so I will be functional for tomorrow.   I can’t even drink or eat anything without it making me sick!  Cheryl has been great putting the Ikea Assembly off a couple of days.  She has also bought me some ginger ale and salteene crackers   They help a little!   Other than that, wish me luck for tomorrow. 

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