Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

d-day In addition to being D day!   It is Cheryl's Birthday! national-donut-day   Surprisingly, it was quite a big deal.   Not only was it National doughnut day at Dunkin Donuts, where we bought several dozen for co-workers in celebration;  but the entire group of Scorers through an entire Siesta theme party!    No wait!  Fiesta!  Right!


fiesta We all wore hats and DSC_4698swung at a piñata.  Some fellow crafters gave us some of their wares while others brought sandwiches and cakes while playing mariachi music.   In all, it was probably the most excitement Cheryl has had since we came to Iowa.  Some of the folks took pictures and I’m told they will email them later, so I can post them then.DSC_4693      

In the mean time,  after work Cheryl DSC_4699and I went to the Design Ranch and finally purchased the puppy she has had her eye on for almost a year now ( maybe longer!)  We also purchases a mobile with cranes and a cat food dish. ( still in box)   I may have to take better pictures later as it is currently quite late and I’m very tired after a long day of scoring.   Not to mention that tomorrow will be a big day as well.   Cheryl has plans for us to hit Chicago and visit the Ikea store as DSC_4701well as buy me more of my Honey Brown Beer!   How can I refuse that?  DSC_4700

The last 12 pack lasted almost 4 months!   Needless to say,  I savor it.  It may not be as robust as the Abby Ale,  but I like it just the same. 

label-dundee-honeybrown As for Ikea,  We will be heading out early and hopefully get there before they run out of food like last time.  I want my ribs and Cheryl wants her chicken fingers.   There are also a few things we have to investigate and purchase before heading home.  In all,  every Ikea visit is a long day, so I had better be ready.  We’ll see ya then!

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