Wednesday, June 18, 2014

College Board Big Finish!

thCA30EFLW Almost done!   Just a few bubbles left and Cheryl and I will say “Farewell” to the SAT field test scoring. 

It was good!  Fun people, fun job,  and good money.  2987eb877f045ddccbad586f699f3057 Reading all of those papers can get exhausting though; And I’m quite happy it is coming to a close.   Tonight we celebrated with Cheryl's table as it was their last day on the job.  As for Cheryl and I, we table leaders just have about one more day of clean up before we can let go and celebrate on our own. 

So,  I’m still a little tired at the moment and will make this a short post.  I have much to do in the coming weeks so perhaps I will be able to post more frequently. SAT-logo I look forward to a day I can sleep in and not have to evaluate any essays.   Or read ANYTHING!  Well,  technically I do read a little everyday, but  that is usually without my brain on overdrive.  Hope everyone is having a great week so far and enjoy!

Oh!  And if you are a kid reading this thinking it could give you a tip on the test.  My advice to you would be:  Write!   Write a blog, write practice essays, write stories, just write!  collegeboard_sat_blue_book The more you put words down on paper, the better you will become at it.   College is not that difficult to get into.  You can flip though one of the many SAT prep books out there and get ideas, but mostly you need to PRACTICE WRITING!   Even if you are a novice, you will become better.  And essays can be fun once you get the hang of things.  Find the FUN in writing and the SAT and, eventually college, will be at your command!

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