Monday, June 9, 2014

Cheryl’s Birthday Pics

100_4333 I hate displaying pictures of myself that have not thoroughly been vetted. 100_4331 Usually I like to take about 20 pics of myself and choose the best one.  This is because getting 6-8 people to stand still or keep all of their eyes open at the same time is virtually impossible.   However,  sometimes you have to rely on the graciousness of others and you have to take  what they can give you.  

Oh!  And I  believe tat it is worth mentioning that Phil is no where to be seen in these pictures.   Well done Phil!   I guess his volunteering to take the picture of the group was a wise choice.  Also, he seemed to be the only one who knew how to use the camera.  Perhaps he will send some pictures of the party he took on his phone later.  We shall see.100_4330.


So in recap.   We started the day with Dunkin Donuts and Shawn first learned that it was national donut day.   I guess he likes donuts quite a bit.  I don’t really know as Phil ( not shown in any picture) and myself are at a different table.

  I’m so jealous of Phil…..there will be no record of him wearing a goofy smile and sombrero with his eyes closed!   Lucky BUM!

Anyway,   after the donuts, we had lunch in the pool room and wore suitable gear to get in the festive mood.  ( See:Sombrero) We ate cake, sandwiches, and drank pop while listening to mariachi music.  100_4329


Then it was piñata time   Wayne, who has a degree in Mexican History, made one true to form.   Cheryl had the first swing.  She hit it, but lacked the full damaging power of a MAN!   Luckily there should be no record of my trying to hit the darn thing.   I actually totally missed it the first time.  But ultimately finished it off with a decisive blow.  Of all the toys and candy,  my loot was fun sized snickers bar, two #2 pencil erasers and one drafting pencil sharpener. 100_4334

So there you have it.  I purposely left out the picture of myself smiling because I did not want to scare anyone who may accidentally come to this blog  for fun.  Seriously,   it is a little scary!    So other than Shawn and Wayne.  There is Barb, Iryna and Ben.   Iryna is from the Ukraine and Ben is from Kalona.   And to clarify that a bit more….The Ukraine is in Russia and Kalona is in Iowa…And Barb…well,  She has been so many places it is difficult to say just where is is “from”.   I guess Iowa City would be most accurate. 

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Shyla Osborn said...

Just to let you know...the degree my dad has is a PhD in Latin American History from Iowa. He taught at Iowa State for more than thirty years. We spent lots of time in Mexico when I was a child while he was finishing research for his dissertation. Ask him to tell you some stories about it...there are many, like the time I got lost in Chapultapec Park. :/


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