Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cheryl's BIG RUN. 5 K in Davenport.

The BIG run T-Shirt
I worked a long day today, so I will try to keep this brief. (Said the Novelist.)   Cheryl wanted to celebrate her birthday ( the 6th) by running a race.  Unfortunately, there are only 5K's this time of year.   But  Cheryl will take what she can get...  so   Along comes The BIG run.  National run day.   Cheryl picks me up after work and we sport over to Davenport for a quick little twilight run.
The BIG run Medal

It was pretty hot yesterday, but not as bad as Monday.   Still,  even in the evening hours with the sun setting,  it was plenty hot for Cheryl to feel it.

Cheryl is Ready!
Twilight Run in the Sun

Regardless,  She managed to do pretty well.    Winning her division and scoring a cool bag of goodies from Fleet Feet.  Cheryl was very happy.

Blinding .....Sunlight.
Blinding Speed!
I guess this race was run all across the nation.... so anyone who wanted to participate will have their score's/times ranked...Nationally.   Currently (as I write this with 92% of the scores counted)   Cheryl is ranked 5th.... Nationally.
All done!  3 seconds from New PR

See how Cheryl reappears before your very eyes...
The Overall Tally
Now before a get a bunch of grief about this, I'm sure the "Olympic Elites" were not running yesterday.   (It was a 5K after all)   But still...National rank sounds impressive.

Number ONE ....locally.

Check out the goodies!
Now I'm off to relax for the remainder of the evening.  Scoring papers really fries your brain.  It is taking all of my will power to finish this little posting.   Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  One more day until the weekend.   I can hardly wait.

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