Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hot and Sunny in Muscatine.

Sun Screen up!
Run against the wind and sun.
As stated in the title,  the day is a hot and sunny one.   Cheryl wanted to run long, but it ended up being a usual 7 miler today.  Maybe we will run later this evening to catch up the missing miles.   As it was,  the sun was already a torture when we arrived in Muscatine.   The river helped a bit, but not much.
Chasing a Bardge
Now the sun is Really bad!
As we ran, the wind picked up considerably.  The waves were calm at first but turned to whitecaps by the time we finished.   Normally we do not like battling the wind...but today, the cool breeze was refreshing.
Farmers Market

Other than Cheryl ending the run early,   we took the time to enjoy a Popsicle,  visit the local farmers market,  and revisit Tee's.    We both enjoyed burgers and ice cream.   Yum.

Lunch at Tee's!   Cheryl gets Blueberry Sundae and Burger.
Pelicans in the Blue Sky
Doesn't matter,  still pretty.

So that is about it.   A few pelicans,  a dead deer on the trail,  (Not sure how it got there.  Hopefully the parks service will remove it before next week.)  And a few flower photos.  I think this may be a thistle.   not sure.   But I thought it was blog worthy.
See Cheryl run with Music below.

In the mean time,  as Cheryl ran, I played "Walkin' On Sunshine."   Fitting music on a day like this.  Enjoy!

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