Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week In Review

Raining at Pearson.
It has been a challenging week this week.   I have been working at Pearson; so that has demanded most of my time.   There really is not much to say about that really.   It's a job and pays.   And luckily it was fairly easy.   The end.

Work in an Office!  Duh!
We did not get any pizza or cupcakes this time.  Not even a handshake and a "Job Well Done!"   Just a "thanks for coming" and hope to see you next time.

One thing I DID pick up was a lovely cold.  Thanks for reminding me why I do not like crowds.  I imagine all those people in a small cramped room would tend to circulate any bug that might be going around.   Mostly it is a seriously stuffed up nose and a bit of a cough.   I'm hoping it will sort itself out before long and not digress into full blown Pneumonia.  Struggling to breathe through my nose is bad enough.
Running in the evening.

Nice Legs!
Cheryl runs!
In the mean time,  Cheryl and I have been running/biking whenever we can fit it in.  Mornings here... evenings there.   The weather has been most uncooperative as of late.   Basically it has been blisteringly hot and sunny.   And if it cool down and rain...  It does it at night.

Marble sized hail
Pretty flower
Speaking of rain.   We had a bit of Marble sized hail this last Wednesday.   It happened around 12:00.   I ran outside at picked up one of the ice drops before it melted away.   You can always seem to tell when there is hail because it sounds like gravel being thrown at the window.   This is the second time this year hail has manifested on our doorsteps.   Hopefully this is not an omen of Biblical proportions!
Cheryl makes a wish

Other than that,   not much else.    This cold really ticks me off because I can't seem to enjoy ANYTHING while under its influence.  (Influenza!   Get it!) Sniffing and blowing and coughing really makes bike riding so much more fun.

Playing in the water

Vultures wait for Cheryl to drop
And sleeping!    Oh Joy!   Waking up with a sore throat and clogged nose is so refreshing.   Cheryl really appreciates my midnight walks and gurgles as well.   Just go away already!

New Shirt Design
Cheryl's Burst of Speed.   We call her "The Flash!"
At least I'm done with Pearson so I can focus and getting better.   Cheryl continues to plug along with her Pearson at home project.  It is scheduled to finish tomorrow.  That leaves only ETS unless something else magically appears.  Cheryl has plans on working on her designs.   She created a shirt and several other things over the last several days.   We shall see how things work out,  but having the time to work on things...little by little,  is a big step.

Hope everyone else out there is healthy and enjoying the week better.   Nice weather would be ... nice.  For a change.   And having no ailments has got to be better than having  one.   Thanks for checking in.

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