Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Attacked by Rabbits.

SURPRISE!  From the underbrush.
A RAT with a smaller, fluffier tail.
Sure, they may look cute and cuddly... But don't be fooled!   They are devious and destructive rodents. Of course I'm talking about the Cotton-Tailed Rabbit. (Buggsbunniest Digholeiest).  They harass runners with their constant surprise bursts from the underbrush and create paranoia  and anxiety whenever we run on the Kewash trail.

I'll dig this one really deep..hehehe.
Why so many holes?   For bikes, Duh!
Today, however,  I managed to fall into one of their insidious traps.   Under normal circumstances,  I can see and avoid the huge holes and troughs that they dig across the trail.  Sometimes I'm forced to ride over them with my bike, but I am able to prepare for the stresses by adjusting my grip, setting up in the pedals and lowering my center of gravity.

Another Victim goes flying. The Bunnies secretly celebrate.
But today,  One of those little furballs dug a hole under some drooping weeds that overhang part way over the trail.    You probably guessed... Hitting a hole with your front tire and not being prepared or even aware of it...sends you flying!   Over handle bars and into the brush down into the ravine.  After spitting out the weeds and clearing off the vegetation from my spokes,  I was able to fully grasp what had happened.... and I was not very happy about it.  It makes me wonder why I stopped eating those things.    (Sometimes I miss the taste of rabbit.  This would give me a reason to take up hunting again!)

Other than that,  Cheryl ran and survived 14 miles today.   Other than the run in with the Rabbit's Cyclist Trap,  I managed to survive it as well.  The wind and sun suggest another pleasant day today.  Perhaps we will be able to enjoy more of it later.

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