Monday, June 26, 2017

One Hail Of A Good Time In Iowa.

Torrent Hail Storm!
In the middle of the day
For the third time this year....  there has been hail.   This time it just sprung up in the middle of the day (Today) and left small piles of pea-sized hail all around the yard.

Enough to make a snow cone.

  Now,  I know most people would ask, "What's the Big Deal?"   And I can see that unless the hail is baseball sized or larger, it simply does not make it onto the Weather Channel feed.   (Not that I EVER want to see that sized hail here in Iowa)
10 minutes later, sun is shining....
But  for someone growing up in Michigan,  Hail is kind of like seeing snow for the first time.   You hear about it.  Read about it.   Even watch videos about it...but I have never seen it in the flesh.   Until now.
Check out the neighbor's Pile of Ice...

40 minutes later!   Still here!
Moving to Iowa has brought several other "Firsts",  But seeing Hail fall with such ferocity is quite awesome.   Seeing Ice fall from the sky in the middle of summer is simply miraculous!   Like something frogs or something.
Cool summer day

But like someone who does see snow for the first time,  I do not hope to happen onto a Blizzard.   Seeing small bouts of ice slightly larger than a peanut is enough for me.

Kewash Trail under gloomy skies.
The weather has been pleasant lately.   With cooler temps making for better running.   The clouds also help keep the sun in check for most of the time.  It is unfortunate that Cheryl and I are still suffering from this blasted cold.   Nothing dangerous...just annoying.   A cough and runny nose that irritates more than incapacitates.  ( blowing you nose and coughing randomly is just so bothersome.)
Ready for her reward after 10 miles.

Sundae Pictures
Cheryl continues to work on her shop and I have written a little over 1000 words on the novel ( over 6000 words currently!)  I admit that the writing is a trickle.   I have also been working on some origami cats.   I'm not sure where I will go with them, but I wanted to at least work on perfecting the model.

More Swag
Congrats!  You are Awesome!
So that is all for today.  Hail!   Cold temps, Running, Writing, Designing, and Fighting colds.   Who knew Summer in Iowa could be so exciting?

4th place be exact.
I almost forgot Cheryl's latest trophy.    She placed 4th in the master division at the Madtown Half Marathon.   Check out her latest medal.  
Freakishly sexy legs
Still a work in Progress.

Cheryl's eventual goal.   (Dean Karnazes's legs)

And her Sexy legs.    She hopes to have them eventually look like other famous runners.  We shall see.

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