Thursday, June 1, 2017

Power Steering and Vent Control Solenoid for Subie

New Hoses for Power Steering
PS reservoir
Quick post,   Tomorrow we will be heading to Des Moines to revisit the Dam to Dam half Marathon again.   To do this, I want to make sure Subie is in tip top shape.  ( or at least drive-able.)   Two parts came to us this afternoon and I was able to get them on with very little fuss.

Reservoir removed. And poses capped

Still rather messy.
The power steering has been growning a touch.... and we noticed the hoses around the base of the reservoir being  damp.   The hoses felt more like sponges and less like rubber...So.   Time to replace!

Hoses attached and reservoir replaced.

Shiny and new looking with dirt removed.
Slightly more messy than I had hoped;   but I managed to get the the hoses hooked up and reinstalled.   A quick turn of the steering wheel and top the fluid back up.... and everything is back to normal.   Yeah Me!

Old and New Solenoid.   Guess which is which.
Next:   The Vent Control Solenoid.   This helps your car recycle the fumes from the gas tank collected in the charcoal filter.   One 12 mm nut and VCS had been replaced as well.   Yeah ME!   Again!

New Solenoid installed.
So now we shall figure out if the solenoid has been one of the contributing problems that have been plaguing Subie lately.  We will discover this when we fill up the gas tank tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

And finally, the Dam to Dam.   I'll have to post about this later when I have more pictures from the expo.  And I have more bunches of time to spend  on writing while sitting alone and bored in our hotel room.  As for now.... Time to relax.   I have been bothered about the parts ever since I learned they were going to be delivered.   Arriving this late in the day, I was forced to work out in the hot Iowa sun.   Time for a cold beverage and an air conditioned room.   See ya tomorrow.  And thanks for stopping in.

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