Sunday, June 11, 2017

An Evening Run on the Kewash Trail.

Ready for Evening Run
Showing off 
 Last night,  after I had already posted my blog,   Cheryl and I went out for an Evening run.   We chose Kewash because it is closer and we Cheryl wanted to make up for the several miles she had short changed earlier.   I was excited, because I tend to like running/biking in the evening better than mornings.   There are several reasons for this...
Racing the Sun

One:  I'm NOT a morning person.  

Two:   I would rather experience the Earth as it is cooling rather than having it warm up half way through your route.

All Finished!
And Three:   Sometimes you get to see animals that are not out in the early mornings.  
And we won,  Sun still above the Horizen

There is also the glow of the evening sun.
 Sometimes this might be a little blinding if you have to face into it....but  other times it provides a warm glow that the morning light simply does not offer.   Perhaps that is simply my own opinion,  but that is how I see things.
Mystery Animals in the Distance

So after a pleasant run in moderate temps with a cool breeze,  we noted a strange animal out in a field.   My first impression was that it was a Badger!   I had seen one before in in a field around Wellman, but Cheryl had not...   We decided to turn back and take a second look.

Is this A Wolverine?   Badger?   It's HUGE!
Upon closer inspection.  We noted that it "walked funny".   As it approached closer, we finally discovered that it was actually 4 animals walking VERY closely.   It was a Mother Skunk with her kids.   So CUTE!    I like Skunks and don't understand that bad rap they get simply because they spray people.   It is not life threatening to smell bad for a few hours.   Consider this next time you face a charging bear!  

Oh!   A Family of Skunks.... Still Cute though. 
So Cheryl actually liked the evening run as well and has proposed that we repeat it tonight.   I'm sure we will have to prepare for the bugs ( as always this time of year.) and maybe we will run further than before and end up racing the sun before it gets too dark... we shall see.    And if we are lucky...we might even catch a glimpse of some other creature that only appears before dawn.

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