Saturday, June 3, 2017

One Dam to Dam Hot Race

Cheryl's "Never again!" expression
Cheryl wanted me to first say that this was the last time she would ever run this race.   She said that!   Really!   And I want to inform future Cheryl that you actually said that in 2017....  remember that.

Why?  What would cause Cheryl to hate a race so?   Simple.   The 93 degree day we enjoyed while running.  ( and spectating.)   It does not matter that we were forced to rise up at 4:00 in the Morning.  It was already hot at that time.   It was simply going to be an exercise in misery.

Popsicle Salvation in hand
Cheryl Oils Up.
That being said,  we prepared as best we could.    We got coffee, beverage, donuts and Popsicle.   The Popsicles we brought from home did not freeze last night in the mini-fridge.   But luckily, I scored one from the Local convenience store.    Filled the bag with Ice from the Vending Machine and I was ready to rock the operation: Popsicle Handoff!
The buses have arrived

Have a good day at School, dear.

Cheryl oiled up with the usual sun screen spray and we both marched off to the buses. Kinda like heading back to School.   Ah,  those were the days.  ( not really)

Manly Heroic Me
As I display Spectacular Spectating.

After sending Cheryl on her way, I jumped in the Subie and cast a long Shadow at the 5 mile mark.  A Heroic Long shadow...if I do say so myself.   Look how heroic I look as a shadow!

It was not long...  (ok, it was long, but about as long as I expected.)  Cheryl popped over hill and around the corner.   She looked like she was having a tough time, now that the sun had crested thoroughly over the horizon.
Cheryl comes in for a pit stop.  She's Hot!
I reached into the bag for Cheryl's  icy sugar Salvation only to find that it had melted to a point of a Slushie!
And so was the Popsicle.
  Time to improvise.   I opened up the wrapper and dumped it into a plastic cup....adding in some of the vending ice for good measure.    Cheryl ripped it from me with a grunt and barely a hint of gratitude.   Deep Down, I knew she was thankful.

The Heat is beginning to get to her.

Upon her passing, I handed out the remaining ice cubes to other runners as they passed by.   I was surprised people accepted...then again... it was 93 degrees and ultra sunny.
 100 meters from the finish

In front of the Drum Line.
With mission one more or less a success, I headed to the finish line down town.   It was cool!  They had a drum line and cheerleaders making lots of noise.  Cheryl somehow managed to slowdown a touch for the remaining 7 miles.   The heat had been catching up to everyone it seems.    But she mustered up some better spirits as she approached the final 100 yards of the race.

Where did she go?
Being short has its advantages.... but not in a crowd.   Cheryl disappeared under the mob and I had to wait for her to surface for air before I could make contact again at the runners exit.   She looked a little zoned out....  so there was only one place that could pep her back up.    The beer tent.

Silver Bullet Beer. I'll drink it .

Cheryl before beer.
Watch how Cheryl brightens back up with a little brew.

Cheryl after beer.
 With some Hops and Barley to help numb those aches,   Cheryl wanted to pose with some Murals that Des Moines is famous for.  (Famous because I blogged about it last year. I'm not braggin',  But I helped put these guys on the map.)


Gang Colors!

Add in some BLING!
And some 'Tude...
We really need to familiarize ourselves with Gangster Rap and Thug Life.   I don't think Cheryl can pull off a rap star very well.   And I must have looked even more ridiculous trying to show her what to do. ( Like I knew anything!  I hate Rap!)    But I think we got the Bling right (all of her running medals for the year so far) and the background.

Rapper Posing?  

Yo Yo Yo!  Whasssup.

The Murals changed this year.  I hear that they change them every year so the artist has a constant rotating canvas to display his graffiti.

(This guy should go to Davenport and try his luck with the railroad cars.)  I wanted to get an animation of Cheryl running in front of the shipping container.   At least the pictures tuned out better than last year ( the camera broke on that day...lovely)
She's got legs.

And knows how to use them.  ( For Running, Duh!) 
So now,  the remainder of the day will be spent trying to stay cool and relax.   I doubt Cheryl will listed to herself a year from now....  and it is possible that she will want to do this race again.  Runners.  What are ya gonna do?

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