Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Female tree carving.

Ok, So today I was working on carving another wood nymph out of an old dead Cherry tree. Not the fruit kind, rather the furniture kind ( think choke cherry) I love carving cherry because the smell is awesome while you carve. Also, the wood is a wonderful rich orange/reddish brown color. Oh, and it is much harder than pine so you can add detail without crushing the wood. Anyway, the bugs are now out in full swing and that made carving outside a challenge. I finished up in the dark so the last picture is crappy, even with a flash. You can't see it much, but I tried to youth en her up a bit. She was looking a little too old for me. I'll see how far I get tomorrow, but right now, I have at least one seat to carve. In other news, Hiro, ( the "kitten") caught his first vole tonight. Don't worry, it got away. It did the old "I'm really scary" trick, forcing Hiro to drop it, then it bait and switch with a bunch of leaves. Hiro had nothing more than a mouthful of leaves to show for his time. But he did manage to catch it for a little while. Those little things are crafty! Maybe next time Hiro!

1 comment:

LillyShayStyle said...

How cool, I can't wait to see the finished result!
What a silly kitty, lol.


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