Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Woodland carvings

So I didn't carve up any seats tonight, but rather grabbed my chisels and headed to the woods tonight. It got dark before I could finish the eyes, and then had to walk out there in the dark to snap a picture. While i was out there I managed to find a couple of my other carvings as well. I may get to it later tomorrow, But I know I have at least one seats that will have to be carved up tomorrow. Oh! and by the way, the trees are dead so no trees were harmed by my body decorations. It's great having a small woodlot behind your house. There are a number of windfalls back there as well, but hopefully I won't have time to make any marks. Looks kinda scary in the dark eh? Coooool! My plan to enchant the forest is under way!

1 comment:

MackTheKnife said...

Excellent start, Ethan. And a cool idea to enchant the woods. I especially like the third one, or is it the third photo, the second face, the one with the brow furrows. That one has some excellent possibilities!



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