Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mushroom Friday! And the Danger Of Honey......

Hey everyone! It's the time of year when Moral mushrooms pop out here in Michigan. In fact, they may have been out for over a week now, but we decided to take a look today and found 4 in our "secret" mushroom hunting place. ( secret? Yeah right! everyone in Grand Haven who cares about morals knows this place) We made some tasty little mushroom puff pastries with some bacon, morals, sour cream, green onion, and mozzarella cheese stuffed in a tasty little pastry shell. MMMMM! Oh! and to keep up on my things that can kill you, I found that Honey can kill you! Honey? Wonder why I'm not dead yet because I love the stuff. Read about it here:
I may have to stop this because it really gets on y nerves finding otu that EVERYTHING can kill you when I KNOW it does not! Like Jack said, Everyone who has ever eaten a carrot has died! Well, that IS my point I guess to illustrate the stupid junk science out there that is reported to scare you.

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