Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wood Nymph day five. Final

With only a couple of hours of daylight, I decided to touch up the wood nymph. I didn't do too much to her, just smooth out the chest, neck and arm a bit. I was looking her over from a distance today and thought that she looks a little rough up close but from a couple of paces away, she looks great. So I think I'm going to stop and let her remain the way she is. It has been raining and the cherry looks wonderful when it is damp. Her collar bone and arm were rather challenging. I don't really have a chisel that can scoop out under her chin. And, for those who are not blessed by a large body of water. Some tranquil sounds of the shore.

1 comment:

MackTheKnife said...

Ah, now that's a wood nymph! Good work, Ethan! You are, for sure, going to have an enchanted wood. Wish I could walk through it.



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