Monday, May 11, 2009

Where have all the sales gone?

Let's face it! Last week's sales were crappy! And this week is beginning the same way! I did sell one, but Come on! Ok! With that venting out of the way, I decided to work on a tree that was a little larger and closer to the house tonight. I Actually want to do a "good job" on this one and carve a full person or at least most of the upper torso. The wood is being rather "uncooperative" in that is it soft, rotting, or extremely hard all at the same time! I worked on it till after dark so I had to use the flash and thus it doesn't capture much. Then again, I didn't go too much into detail yet. Who knows with the wood as soft as it is on half of her face, I may just have to be really simple. And...More great news! My bat house has at least four bats now! I'm so happy. Keep 'em coming!

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Sales are definitely slow but stay positive, hard work always pays off... eventually!! ...and lucky you, I love bats :0)


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