Friday, May 15, 2009

Thrusday carvings, Dog in the store.

I finished carving up three seats tonight. Whew! The sales have become slow and sparse. I feel like I'm crossing the dessert with only one canteen of water. I worked a little on the outdoor carving today, but it got dark before I could take any pictures. And I I worked on was the arm and it ended up looking worse than when I started. ( still in the rough out phase) But a cute little aside. We were having lunch at out favorite Target store when we witnessed a cute little dog wandering around the parking lot. A lady was chasing it and, as many pet owners know, when you chase a runs away. Well, We guessed that the lady was not the owner, because the dog just kept prancing around the parking lot oblivious to all. But then a funny thing happened. The Dog came inside through the sliding doors! Ran up to the Starbucks lady and started wagging it's tail. Don't worry, The original lady eventually came in and recovered her dog ( it was her's all along) so it was a happy ending after all. But it was fun seeing a small terrier running through the store. Like he was totally at home.

1 comment:

Estela said...

hehe!! how adorable! the doggie just wanted some coffee, that's all


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