Friday, May 8, 2009

Origami jewelry?

So if you have been following the blog for more than a month, you might have realized that the sales have dwindled considerably. I don't know why, but when May began, someone turned off the sales. So I only had one seat to carve up tonight, the muskie, and it took very little time at all. I'm going to try to influence the universe with my mind and see if I can mentally start up the sales once more. In the mean time, I headed out to the tree to see if I could add some eyes to the carving and possibly some hair. Even the shop cat came out and kept me company. Unfortunately, it got dark before I could get a good picture of the progress. So while the sames have taken a dive, Cheryl has been brainstorming on some other product that we might be able to sell. ( happens every time our sales slump) So I'm going to attempt some origami jewelry. Some beetles and frogs encased in resin. I'm curious to see how they sell, or if they will sell. They had to be super small though and I might have to work on a beetle that will fit inside the mold. I'll turn them over now to Cheryl so she can set them. Will post on the progress....


AMIdesigns said...

I think jewellery is a great way to go! looking forward to seeing what you come up with

Audrey said...

Sales usually slow down in spring don't they? People are spending more time outside and less time on the computer. I know many people who would love a fish toilet seat!! It's wonderful!!


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