Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daylight Pictures of a tree

I carved up two seats tonight, But before the wonderful daylight fled, I worked on the tree carving and took a few more pictures During the daylight. I tried to work on the hair and arm a little more. The wood is a wonderful spongy soft that loves to flake off. Very frustrating! The hair is really a challenge. I'm curious how this is going to turn out looking at the "before " picture as it is now. The arm and hand are also a challenge even though the wood is pretty good. It just happens to be at the upper limit of my reach, so my arms get tired quick. Well, I took a final picture before the light dimmed as it did yesterday. Also, I inspected the bat house and tonight I had almost a dozen! Well, too many to count anyway, they were all crammed in there. I'm hoping they scatter a bit because there are about 10 other bat houses in our yard! Regardless, I hope they stay during the bug season.

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