Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday...with LOTS of Names!

Technically,  cyber Monday is not over yet. However,  there have been many more names than there used to be.   Last year we only sold 200 names on stockings....I'm not sure where we are this year,  but names sure seem to be popular. 
Sunday names!
Monday names!

   It's all good....I'm grateful for every sale we get.  But we are a little behind last year and it is rather bothersome because we thought we were prepared for a bumper harvest this year with all that advanced prep.  Well,  the year is still young so I should not complain just yet.   Sales have picked up since thanksgiving.

Not even all of the orders!

 And we even beat a previous sales day bby about $400.00!  Still,  our overall sales for the year are lower than they were a year ago at this time.   Perhaps people are waiting to shop a little closer to the holidays.   We shall see.

All New!  Seal stockings!

Isn't he cute! 

Oh!  In the mean time,  Cheryl has been working on  a couple of new design/requests.   This si actually a remake of last years Seal stocking.   Several people have asked about it,  so instead of answering them with a "no!"  Cheryl decided to actually make a handful of them to see if they have potential for next year.   We don't have much time to take better pictures right this is all we have at the moment.  We shall see if people respond.

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