Sunday, March 3, 2013

Green Dragon Anyone?

So today I finished setting up my Etsy shop.  It took longer than expected.   I don’t know if  why there were so many hurdles in simply setting up a shop, but I guess they are there for a reason.  I only listed 5 items at the moment,before Cheryl told me to quit for the night. It’s a good thing because I’m finally at the fun part and I don’t want to skimp on things that I can take my time on.
DSC_5285DSC_5304In the mean time,  I finished a green dragon and it was the first thing listed in my shop.   I worked on it all day Saturday and it ended up being the only thing I accomplished that day.   I’m quite proud of how the head turned out.   I folded several prototypes before finally settling on this version.   With a little luck,  someone one Etsy will find it as adorable as I do and will give it a good home.  We shall see.
DSC_5301I guess I will make this one of those quick posts as I’m rather tired tonight and have much to do tomorrow.  I’ll have to set up a link from my blog to my shop as well.  Ah, where does all the time go at the end of the day? 

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