Sunday, February 15, 2015

An Afternoon at Schlafly. St Louis, Mo.

The Schla-Flee BreweryIn addition to our little Lovey dovey run for Chocolate….We got to visit a brewery of one of our favorite beers.   Schlafly…..Pronounced Shla-  Flee,  ( I have been calling it Shlu- Fly….Like a fly that bugs you….) Was close to the area and usually offers tours for addition to sampling and merchandise.   We decided to check it out

Cheryl takes in the Scene


So the Bar was open…and there was much activity.    We thought that we would be able to catch a tour starting at 4 pm….but apparently, there were no tours that day.   However,  they did offer a “Beer School”   a lecture/class where you pair various styles and flavors of their beers with various foods.   It sounded great, but we had to run the next day..and check into the hotel…and I was not about to drive in a foreign city, under stress, with an hours worth of samples of various brews in me.All the Cool Brewing Equpment 

We did decide to purchase a 6 pack of their latest seasonal beer and a micro brew that closely matches my favorite of their flavors….The Golden Belgium Ale. The latest Seasonal Release...we purchased a 6 pack.

I few things of note:   The Schlafly brewery was linked up with the Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm,   Minnesota.   Why is this significant?   because I went to School in New Ulm, Minnesota and actually got a tour of the Schell’s Brewing company back in 1990!  Schell’s is a pretty good beer…Partnered up with Schells?   Maybe that explains the 'SCH- in the German name....although slightly more expensive compared to it’s rivals.  Schlafly is more on Par price-wise and is a rock solid spectrum of beer flavors.   You should be able to find something you like in their offerings.Lots of flavors and colors to choose from  

As mentioned before, we purchased a micro lot brew….I have not opened it yet…but when I do I will post about it.   I guess they brew up small batches and test run various combinations  from time to time.   Probably to amuse and delight the local population.  However,   on a larger scale,  Thhe Micro Brews....Can't wait to try the one we bought They brew up seasonal flavors that change with the time of year.   As mentioned before,  I’m a big fan of the Golden Belgium style Ale.  It’s smooth,  Wheat and Yeast flavor….with a sweet taste and aroma. More colors!  It is the one beer I found to be the closest substitute to Honey Brown as possible here in Iowa…

With our samples in hand,  we headed out and left the possibility open for a future possible tour.   I’m thinking that you would have to make that a main event if you wanted to partake in the Beer School.   It’s possible that you may not feel the effects of the sample beers..but I’m a rather light weight when it comes to alcohol of any type.The "Antique" labels 

The current Line Up.






      So if you find yourself in St Louis….maybe you would like to give this a try.   And If you see this beer in your local store…..I would definitely recommend it…..even without the tour. 

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L. D. said...

We visit St. Louis when there is a special traveling exhibit at the art center, old World's Fair building. We like the zoo and the arboretum is great to see in the summer. It is a longer way for us to get there than for you.


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