Saturday, February 14, 2015

Run For Chocolate!....Happy Valentine's Day!

Our True Chocolate Warrior
She means business!
A Quick post of what we did today.   We traveled to Exotic St Louis, MO.  And Cheryl ran for Chocolate.   I simply watched...and took this cool amateur video and put it to music.   I'm posting this directly to Blogger as I do not want to have You Tube messing with my video.   And I guess that is the only way to post it with Windows Live.  

Cheryl fights the cold and Waits for the Gun
The Chocolate  Sponsor
Anyway....The Video captures pretty much all of the pictures I could have I will keep it light and simply show the vid.   BTW Cheryl ALMOST set a new 5 K record....but the coarse was only  2.95 her she did not get the "record" because technically she did nt go the full 5 k.   However,   her stats showed that she ran a new best mile,  she averaged an 8 minute mile, and she came in 7th for females in her age group and over.    Not too bad for a small little run like this.   Afterwards we visited the chocolate factory and took as much free chocolate as politeness would allow.

Chocolate Molds from the Factory
  Which only amounted to a couple of pieces and some Hot Cocoa.

The Inside of a Chocolate Assembly Line
The After Run Chocolate Party
We Grab some Chocolate and Head out!
The Factory was closed for tours, but the gift shop was open and selling.   We studied the various molds on the wall and looked through the glass before leaving.   We were told there was going to be a chocolate half way point ....and Chocolate Fountain....but that may have been overstated.  Because there was nothing like that.   It was cold and the coarse was slightly off.   But it was fun and it got us out of our sleepy little town for the weekend.   Better to do this on valentines day than stay home and watch TV I guess. 

I'll have to post the rest of the trip I don't want this post to be too long.  The video should pretty much capture the highlights.  Enjoy!

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