Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So Little Time…..

timetravel1 So recently I have been harassing my brother about my theories about time. Namely,  Time Travel.   I tried to explain my theories and Philosophies about the existence of time and the possibilities that I have been leaping back and forth through various moments in time in my life. 
However,  I must have not articulated it properly, as his first response was to begin quoting scripture from the Bible.  I’m not sure how my musings about time travel could possibly upset God,  Because time does not exist?but apparently,  King Solomon has his own reply  about such “Demonology” in Ecclesiastes .   I decided that casually chatting with a former Theology student  about time travel was probably not the best outlet for voicing my ideas or opinions….or any opinion that does not follow the teachings of Jehovah.
mentaltimetravelTo be fair,  he as probably trying to show off his superior knowledge of the “Good Book” and NOT trying to make me feel like a heretic, but whenever you talk about such things as time travel or Bigfoot….people usually think either you are Joking…or you are nuts! 
  I would like to think that I am not crazy,  ( however,  all crazy people think they are the only ones in the world that are sane) and occasionally enjoy mental exercises that call for thinking about the possibilities of unproven explanations.  Case in Point:  Leaping through time.
That is right!  Just throw out all that logic and tought and go with the intuition. I put forth the Idea that you travel back and forth through time to either get a glimpse of the future, or one of many possible futures.   And Travel back when you realize that a previous decision has altered the path you have set out for yourself.    However,   The moment you leap back or forth….you forget the present and are only left with the knowledge gained from that time.   Hmmm   That is a bit confusing….  Example…..I jump ahead and see that One possible future outcome is where I am peacefully living in a house along the ocean with Cheryl and a big fluffy dog.  I’m happy, essentially.   And I desire that future for myself….however,  I’m currently living in Iowa…a long way away from the ocean.   So I leap back in time to Michigan and hopefully make a “better” or Different decision to move to the west coast instead of just the Midwest.  BUT….When I get back to that fateful moment in time in Michigan…..I evaluate the current situation and MAY choose Iowa anyway.  Simply because the knowledge of the future was lost the moment I jumped back.  
So maybe it boils down to statistics and chance.   I have a 90% chance to choose Iowa over Oregon….leaving a 10% chance that I might choose somewhere else.  And there is no saying that by choosing Iowa…I won’t eventually find myself in Oregon someday. That is the beauty of this theory…( And the confusion!)
You "Gut" may not be rational. You might be asking,  “Why would you go back in time if you know that you are going to almost ALWAYS choose the same path?”   This is difficult as there is no way to tell yourself which way to choose….however.    There are moments where you make a decision based purely on your emotions  or “your gut feeling”   Why would you make such a decision that is purely emotion when it flies in the face of all the facts you painstakingly laid out?   Who knows?…..Maybe it is because you are revisiting this moment and have nothing but a “feeling” to go on that this decision is bigger than you first thought. 
Now I don’t believe in fate…just a future I visualize for myself and, hopefully, the best way to get there.  Of coarse there will be things that get in the way of that “idealized future” but  hopefully  I will have the innate desire to overcome those events when they happen.   Or possibly re evaluate that future I had planned for myself. Seeing is Believing...Right?
Anyway,  This is getting long and it appears that the more I try to explain, the deeper I mess up the clarity.    Probably this is why my brother thinks I’m heading for the gate of Hades.   Not that anyone ever reads these blog posts anyway…..Except maybe Barb…   I hope I don’t mess with her impression too much.   This is just a theoretical exercise after all.   Just harmless fun!   Like Bigfoot!   Everyone likes Bigfoot right? 

In the mean time…Some Origami….I have been folding after all…. Enjoy the pics….and maybe the mental stimuli…

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