Friday, February 20, 2015

An Origami Doberman Pinscher.

The  Live Model A quick post on the latest origami sculpture.   An Origami Doberman.   A request from a customer in Missouri.   Having never considered one before,  I turned to the internet to find a pattern.  I quickly found one that intrigued me from  designer Ares Alanya. The Origami model by Ares Alanya  Uunfortunately   I could not find the pattern or Crease pattern on the internet.   So…I was forced to fold up one of my own creation. 


As with all origami, even if I do have the pattern,   I must fold up a prototype to see how things turn out and familiarize myself with the pattern. First attempt with Tough cardstock  


So….First attempt.  ( actually second…I used small Kami paper for the first attempt)  I used this brown cardstock that is rather rough, tough, and difficult to mold into your structure.   This was mostly just to see how far I could make “bad” paper go.  


Next attempt….  This time with a solid black sheet of cardstock….Second attempt with better paper

Not too bad….I was happy with the body positions and the ears.   The head needed a little work,  Dobermans have a rather pointed nose with a sleek head.   I played with the nose a bit but ultimately went back to a square-ish nose.Nose is a little blunt...but I like the ears and head.


By this time, I wondered how it would look with a duo-colored paper.   I pressed some black tissue onto brown cardstock and folded my final attempt. Final attept with Brown and Black cardstock paper.   

Success!   I was rather happy with this one as well.. and I guess the customer was as well as he purchased it immediately after I listed it.     So  enjoy the different angles.  The photos don’t really do it justice.   I tried several different positions but seeing it in the flesh is really the best way to view it.



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