Monday, February 2, 2015

Some Origami Bats

Just a quick post so I can begin the month of February with something….

Group of three bat! Some Origami Bats.   I had received a request a while ago if I could list some more.   So this last week I set out to try to fold them.   Finally,  After several attempts,  I managed to fold up three that are ”worthy” models.   Cheryl was almost helpful in the taking of the pictures….as well as the fading sunlight.   I was going for a group for bats flying in the mist of a morning rainforest.  I’m not sure if my cropping and messing with the pictures messed them up or made them better   Ultimately they are up for sale on Etsy.  so I had to find the balance of showing them off and making them presentable for sale.   We shall see how things go if they ever sell. 

In the mean time,  Cheryl and I went out for a run/bike again today.   We skipped yesterday as the snow was falling.  Fortunately,  there was a one mile strip of sidewalk that was plowed and we used that to get Cheryl’s 8 Miles of running in.  She wants to be up to 10 miles before the end of the week!  ( As a WORKOUT!)   We have already run a 10 mile run last week before the snow.   I’m sure glad I’m on a bike is all I have to say about it. 

The Brakes grip the resistance and the tire to spin more slowly.  Speaking of bikes…I had mine looked at by the bike shop a few days ago between the runs.   I was having trouble with the brakes and they confirmed that the brakes were pretty much worn away.  I have to brake whenever I’m going down hills so I do not zip by Cheryl as she runs and  fly out of control.  Ethan on a hill.. With no brakes!   YEAOOOOOAAAAA!  I guess the new brakes will be better and last longer.   I DID manage to get 3 months of daily hard use out of the factory brakes.   I guess it is just normal wear and tear that comes with using a bike regularly. 

Hopefully the snow will begin to melt soon.  It was doing a pretty good job of it today.   Even with the Temps in the low teens!   The Bright Sun and the Lack of wind helped make this day rather pleasant.   The lack of wind is really key here in Iowa.  Fingers crossed for an even better run tomorrow.  Enjoy!

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