Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Origami Armadillo

A quick post on the latest origami.   An Armadillo!   I think it turned out well enough to put in the shop and thought I would show off several of the extra pics I have.   Enjoy! 


confusing-clockOther than that  I have been harassing my brother lately with emails about time travel, religion, plans for his future, and puppies!  Normal people would probably exchange pleasantries and information about each other’s lives.   However,  Our relationship is not normal and that is probably the best way to keep it.   At the very least we communicate with each other, even if it is to spar and poke fun at each other in a demeaning way.  You could vaguely say, “It’s complicated…”  But that simplifies it way beyond understanding.   Perhaps “Intricate” or “Complex” or even “Confusing.” would be more accurate words.

What else is there to talk about?  I guess the weather remains snowy….and it snowed a little more today.   Cheryl is signed up for the Valentines day run in St. Louis.  I guess they give away Chocolate.   runchocolate-e1391643447245 That should be a fun thing to attend and blog about.   Cheryl is just excited she will be running in another race….

So Enjoy the Origami and perhaps something interesting will happen tomorrow that will give me more to blog about.

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