Monday, October 19, 2015

Bit by a Ladybug

Don't let the small size fool you.....These guys BITE!   So today,  I was out on the lawn, minding my own business, when I ladybug bit me.  
Now I love all God’s Creatures…great and small.   But Ladybugs should be at the top of the “love” list since they have been occasionally munching on the aphids that harass my sunflowers…Unless they munch on me instead.  Swarms of Bitting Lady Bugs!   How cute!
Now it is no secret to me that Ladybugs bite.   I have witnessed swarms of them in Michigan in the forest and washed up along the Lake.  And they bit me and Cheryl  as we walked down the trail.  It is actually a sight to behold, seeing thousands of Ladybugs all in one place.  My first thought was that these are exotic species that are giving the natives a bad rap.  AND that they were probably from Europe. Just when you thought there was only one....look at how many there are! ( From Transylvania…) But alas…They are from Asia.  And even though they are not venomous or aggressive.  They still occasionally chomp on humans.   I guess for fun or curiosity.   Similar to sharks, they tell me. ( so says Shark Week…)   Sharks don’t want to eat humans..they just want to see what they are…and they do that by chewing them up and spitting them out.   With that being said, I would rather be bitten ladybird-mimic-spider  OR the INNER ladybug they keep hidden. by a ladybug than a shark….Not that I want to be bitten by either to begin with.   At least with Stag beetles, you KNOW they will chomp you if you get too close.   Ladybugs hide that inner carnivore under that cute little red spotted shell.
In addition to that,  Last night we enjoyed the celebratory beer from Des Moines: The Local Micro Brew from Des Moines Low Alcohol,  big taste!   Nice to chill with after work...or running. BridgeBuilder Pale Ale.   Judging from the bottle,  I’m guessing it is a Micro Brew….but it was still pretty good.  Don’t expect much else other than a citrusy taste.  The Alcohol content was not listed, but I’m guessing it was pretty low.  Not bad if you are looking for a relaxing beer after work…or a half marathon.  Clean modern Japanese cuisine.   I tend to like things with more color....I think it just tastes better.
And just before posting this,  Cheryl wanted me to show off what we made for dinner.   Well, it is not really original.  We pretty much eat like this every night.   I can’t help it if I like to make food look pretty.  Cheryl makes fruit Sushi stuffed with raspberries, bananas and cream cheese.  I like pretty much anything in mine.Cheryl's Fruit Sushi  But these guys have cream cheese, avocado and smoked salmon. Ethan's Garbage Sushi... With black sesame seeds or color and a nutty flavor.   The Pork buns are from a local Asian store.   Seeing the amount of effort it takes to make these guys,  I figure it is easier and cheaper to just buy them from the Asian market.  ( topped with eel sauce.. Yumm!) Pork Buns with Eel Sauce.....Awesome!
So…a typical day in the life of us.   We sold several stockings, but no one likes to talk about work, right?  Hope everyone is having a great week so far….at least Monday is mostly over now.   Enjoy!

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