Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cheryl’s Packet Pickup For the Twin Cities Marathon

  Cheryl on the road...while I take Pics out the window   Ok,  There is not much to say about this one.   Other than the trip was non-eventful and we arrived alive in the twin cities in time for Cheryl’s Packet Pick-up.   However….after that…

There are still many things to worry about…besides the obvious 26.2 mountain to climb.    The Number one problem for me is …..( drum roll….)   The CAMERA!Fussy camera

Yes,  the Nikon 1 has decided to act up…..I’m not sure the cause…but it is on my side of the “You were in charge of ONE THING”  THE EXPO!!!   Seconds after responsibility.   Was it because I was taking too many pictures of the country side?   Is it because Nikon is an unreliable camera?    Is it because it is just old and well used?   I don’t know.   But it had to choose today to begin causing trouble.  

I quickly looked up possible causes and figured out that it most likely has to do with the lens being dirty….somehow.   Dust, moisture….whatever it is,  it seems to be causing a malfunction in the autofocus and it prevents me from taking worry-free pictures. The EXPO>>>>Moments before the camera dies Hence,  the lack of any meaningful pictures of the Expo or Cheryl's Packet Pickup. 

Hey LOOK!  Cleaning equipment!   At home.... Lacking any cleaning equipment, I was left with a small piece of tissue paper to wipe down what looked dirty…and it works….Barely.   A small bump and it reverts back into “I’m Broken…Fix ME!”   phase.  Hardly the Best way to instill confidence!

Add to that the utter maze that is the twin cities street system and you will understand why Cheryl hates me….Well,   Kind of hates me.   I’m not as prepared as she is, and my camera breaks…..and now there is the threat that I will get lost in the city.   So,  there is the possibility of no pictures AND no ride home if I screw up any more….

So there it is.  I have added the “Color Tour” of Iowa…..basically is it green, brown, and various shades of Yellow/gold.  Cheryl at the EXPO!   mometns before the Camera dies a third time! I was planning on contrasting it with the Minnesota Color Tour…but the Camera had other ideas.   Perhaps it is time to find a better “touring” camera.    We shall see.

Anyway,   Wish Us luck tomorrow….Especially me.   I seem to need it the most.    Cheryl?    Cheryl will be fine…..all she has to do is run 26.2 miles in under 3:30 minutes.    EASY!   But if I fail….the war will be lost…or seriously messed up.   Enjoy the Iowa Pics!          


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