Friday, October 16, 2015

Preparing for the Des Moines Half Marathon

  download  Sunday is the Des Moines Half Marathon/Full Marathon.  Cheryl decided to opt for the half marathon instead of the full….despite her eagerness to “do even BETTER” after the Twin Cities Marathon.   ( As if qualifying for Boston by over 11 minute was not enough!!!)  8695182424_a76e948ccd_z-556x371

Since Des Moines is close by,  we will probably arrive early and have plenty of time to scout out the area.  I see from the map that there are several places I might be able to catch Cheryl mid way through.   However,  being a half marathon…and with Des Moines being a rather large-ish city,  Perhaps I will simply wait for Cheryl at the end….she wants to beat 1:40…even if it is only for a second. 

imt-dmm-course-map-2014 (1)The temp is supposed to be cool and weather may play a factor.   Also,  the fall colors have finally arrived in Iowa….not sure how things will look in Des Moines…but perhaps this will be Cheryl’s opportunity to actually ENJOY a race instead of running with tunnel vision for the finish line.  We shall see.bilde

I’ll hopefully have more to show tomorrow, when we do the packet pick up.   The Camera is fixed and Cheryl made sure that the battery was charged AND the memory chip was installed……So  there is very little chance of me messing this one up this time.   OH!   And a quick shout out to Larry….an occasional visitor of this blog.   ( he blogs far more often than I do) If you happen to be in the neighborhood on Sunday,  come on down!   I doubt we will meet but I can always comment on your blog. 


L. D. said...

Hey, I did see them take off this morning while watching the news. It is cold. They said there were a total of 9,000 runners this year participating. I hope she meets her goal.They also said walk ups today could still register to run. That will not be me. I was pleased to hear she was doing so well. I bet she must have been a runner before this whole session of running started up. Have a good time in Des Moines. They call it the surprising place. I hope everyone is friendly and on their best behavior. We hit the Spaghetti Works when we can, downtown but the farmers market will be a crowded mess this morning. Enjoy.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Hehe, Looks like it will be a fun time. We checked out the area and now are trying to get our rest on. Thanks for stopping by the blog....You are the only blogger I know from Iowa...OR Des mentioning you name is just how things worked out.


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