Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cheryl’s Autumn Color Run

the Tips of the trees are beginning to turn   Today was a pretty good day.   Cheryl wanted to shake things up a bit, so we decided to run the Lake MacBride trail.  I even packed the camera for this one, figuring that there would be some decent color on the trees.  The Solon side of the trail is well maintained.

What can I say, the weather was just perfect!  Cooler in the morning, but warming up as the morning tipped into the afternoon.  Sunshine and Blue skies as far as the eye could see.  We took this trail before in the spring…when it was cold, dark, grey and muddy.  Not the most pleasant experience for us, but we wanted to come back someday during the summer, believing that there was a possibility that spring time was not the best time to experience this trail.

The edge of the pavement, now on to the gravelPart of the trail is paved, but quickly slips into crushed stone.  The trail begins to wind around the lake at about mile 2.   This was the first time I actually saw the bottom of a lake in Iowa.  Usually the rivers and “lakes” are similar to chocolate milk in clarity.   About 2 miles in, we can see the lake!

About mile 5, you can take a rough trail down to the beach. Kind of rough terrain.  But worth the sight. We finally descended down a trail that was not meant for bikes.   I had to walk down some of the steeper grades, but in the end,  we found the beach.    A beach with actual sand!   I know!   Coming from the Midwest, it is difficult to imagine any shore line that is not made of either rock or sand.  But here in Iowa,  usually the riverbanks and ponds are surrounded with mud or grass. 

Eagles on Partrol Me with Eagles in the background...and withOUT my bike We saw lots of geese and even several Bald Eagles.  Two were nice enough to perch close by, while a couple others were patrolling over the water.   I would have loved to see one of them catch a fish, but no luck.   

Cheryl takes one last look before heading back.After the run,  we headed over to the Wilson’s Orchard for some good old fashion Cider and Donuts.Another successful training run....only with more color. The place was practically empty!  Lucky us!   We could look around without worrying about bumping into people or waiting an hour in a long line.Cheryl inspects the soaps....      They also make fresh cider and pumpkin donuts ever Wednesday! Lucky us again!    We purchased a half gallon of cider, several donuts and an apple turnover and ate them on the lawn.Having no competition for shopping is great for us...but probably not for the orchard.   The sun was nice and warm with a gentle breeze keeping things refreshing.  Cheryl sacked out for a while while I played with the numerous butterflies. Cheryl relaxes in the sun... ( Mostly Whites and Sulphurs.)  I later tried to fly my kite at the City Park, but the wind was irregular and damaged the kite before much could be achieved.

Hope everyone else is having a fine day.   It is my favorite time of year..and Iowa is doing Fall properly this year.  Enjoy the additional pics.

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