Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Frustration of Blogging with a Clouded Mind.

DSC_5486   Most of the mistakes in English grammar are intentional on my part.   However, there are moments when I let things slip in that are not intentional.   Hopefully,  no one will hold my blog postings against me as I was both exhausted and sleep deprived in my latest posting.   Ah well….DSC_5489

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day, but we had 12 stockings to sew up!   Even Cheryl was feeling a little short after several hours.  It’s good to have sales, but right after a Marathon weekend,  they can seem more like a curse than a blessing.  
DSC_5490Anyway, before I get too long winded..I simply wanted to post a couple of links of Cheryl crossing the finish line and other “goodies” that the marathon guys provided.   Enjoy!  

Video    Check out how Cheryl “appears” after thee seconds from behind the guy in white…Looks like this by Cheryl's 3:33:20 time...
Certificate  Play around with the Graphics and see how Cheryl places along the bottom line.  Also, Check out the little Unicorn by the finishing time!

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