Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Never Ending Activity of Cheryl

Better half..AND running reference....Who knew? Today…it struck me.  Cheryl really IS my better half.   How do I know?   ( or rather,  What finally allowed me to reach this conclusion?)  Simply watching her today, I notice that she is always on the move.   Always active;   Always doing something….  Laundry, dishes, rice cooking, sewing stockings, and answering questions on Etsy.  She cleans things….even things that are already “clean” by my standards.  Add in that we ran just over 9 miles today ( because she was not feeling she had the time for a longer run!)  And you see what I’m getting at.  

In her “spare time”,  she reads books, sets up travel and racing events, and shops for clothes…all online.  Just watching her makes me exhausted!   Where does she get all this energy? Cheryl's HIGH ENERGY diet?   Well,  I know she would credit her vegetable and fruit diet…..something she picked up along with the running bit.   I guess it is like peanut butter and Jelly…..They just often go together.   They don’t have to!…..But most people will eventually pair them up for the best lunch food for children. 

Ethan's Life without Cheryl That being said,  I reflect upon myself and see that…without Cheryl,  I would lead a sad and boring life.   I would live my entire life simply playing video games and folding origami.   In other words, I would be content…..for the most part.  Similar to a sloth!   And that is depressing over the long run.  Like a self imposed prison sentence….only without the weights and tattoos.  ( and Other things…)

I say all this, possibly because it has been an overcast and gloomy day today.  Not sure how Ben did it, but Paper Kites Do NOT work in the rain. Actually for the last several days.  I didn’t get a chance to fly my kite over the last several days, and that adds to my depression a bit.  What can I say?  It’s my therapy.  The 5 minutes of kite time I attempted today, only ruined my kite!   The rain held off until my kite finally got sky bound….  (Paper kites and rain do not mix well.)

All that,  And there has been very little to blog about lately.  No races, disasters, or situational comedies to report to the cloud about.  The only thing that occupies my timeDon't Starve.... Similar to life.....Pretty much. lately is Don’t Starve….a video “survival game” I play.   It’s fun,  and I am revisiting it after  almost a year of separation.   It’s a Puzzle that I can unlock and try to make my own.   And it allows me to keep my brain occupied so I don’t think about the inevitable doom that befalls all of humanity….

So,  Hopefully everyone else is having a better week.   I should mention that we had Lunch with Barb yesterday.   A welcome break in the “typical” week.  We socialize so infrequently that even a simple lunch is a “Big Event”.  It was fun!   

So now, Cheryl has finished the stockings, answered theHow I have been defining exercise lately questions, and was planning on scoring a project that she qualified for yesterday.   ( She is totally super human!)    While I eat leftover zucchini bread and play my video game.  A striking opposite to her hard work and determination. (And superior diet and exercise regiment…)  Ah well, I'm enjoying the ride...and the view!Opposites attract, right?  Or perhaps the shift in creativity, discipline, and motivation have tipped over to her side now, since we share a common existence.   I like to think that both of us are in a small boat in the middle of the ocean,  where leaks and strong winds effect us together.   Right now,  the wind is in Cheryl's side of the boat….and I’m enjoying the ride.

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