Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cheryl’s Addiction Withdrawal……

Is that a GOOD thing?      Cheryl…has developed a minor injury.   She tied her shoes too tight on a Monday Training run and seems to have irritated a tendon on the top part of her ankle.  She experiences pain when running,  even when running slowly, but not while walking.   A number of lessons can be taken away from this that could prove useful in the future….namely:  BUT what if the exercise IS the addiction????Don’t run the day after you run a half marathon race.  Also,  Don’t tie your shoes too tight.   Try not to run at record pace on a training run.   Remember  to take a day off sometime during the week,  preferably after a long run.   Try listening to your Husband occasionally,  He really is not a loser.   And never lose money……

Ok, that last one does not need an injury to be useful, but you get the gist of it.  

The syptoms of the But what is really the lesson I have discovered…is that Cheryl is an Addict!    She is addicted to running!   Cheryl had to face the side-effects of running withdrawal How do I know?   WITHDRAWL!   For the last two days,   she has been jumpy, irritable, hostile, and agitated.   All she can do is pace back and forth and talk about her next run….in a short, quick, stammering way. Most of the things she talks about do not make any sense.   Sound familiar?   All the classic symptoms of someone addicted to hard drugs…looking for that next fix.

Of course I blame myself.   What could I have done better?  Why did I let this get out of hand.   How could this happen from a seemingly healthy life choice?   I try to be a good husband.   But I see that I have been an “Enabler”.   And now I have to deal with the consequences. 

Addmitting you are an addict is the first step to recovery...from an ankle injury.We tried to run today…but there was nothing to be done about the ankle.   The irritation flared up the moment she broke into a stride.  Even She has to come to grips that running may have to be put off for several  additional days.   As for me.   I have to stay calm and not worry...Unless I have JURY DUTY!!!!This does not make her happy, of course.  She does not run for the “high” anymore…she does it “Just to feel Normal.”  So depression has to be fought off while she takes a break and tried not to eat Ice-cream.

Other than that,   I got an interesting message today in the mail telling me that I had to report for Jury Duty….Tuesday!   ( Unless the trial is resolved on Friday.  juryduty This puzzles me a bit as I thought I had DEFERRED my duty until JANUARY 2016!   I’m going to give them a call at the court house to see if they missed the memo on my deferment.  Fingers crossed that I will NOT have to go to trial next week.   The reason I deferred it to begin with was because we are in prime time stocking season and can not be yanked from it at this time of year.   After Christmas,  I will have plenty of time to listen and pass judgment.

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