Friday, October 30, 2015

National Novel Writing Month

The Self Accountability Website For Novelists...   Bah,  I’m signing up.   I have not written a “novel” for a while now and I have several stories bouncing around in my head lately.   With November around the corner, and receiving a fortune cookie that said: “ Your efforts will be rewarded!”,  I decided I would take a stab at giving it another go.   Can a cookie fortune make all the difference?

Now,  I already have about 20 pages of this one story already written.   So I have a bit of a head start for the kick off time.  However,   I have had these 20 pages for almost a full year now…. .only visiting them now and then when I’m insanely bored….( which is rare)  My hope is that by holding a certain level of accountability to myself…and a web site/blog,  That is right!  Just kick out the words and polish it up over the next 2 years... I will be able to power through the laziness and actually finish it.   Or at least have a working model that I can polish up later.  

Having a head start by no means implies that I will have a cheat.   I once had already read the first novel in our English Literature class.   20 pages head start..will it be enough for me?So I skipped that and began to read the second novel on the list.   It did not take long for me to fall behind in the reading.   What can I say?  I’m a slow reader.   And  motivation for me comes around rarely.  I will probably have to dig deep to finish this one.   Unlike the One September Night I wrote several years ago.  

Cheryl is setting goals in running....but I'm not a runner....I have to find something else.I would like to make a comparison to Cheryl’s achievements and goals.   Her goal is to run in the Boston Marathon….Ultimately running all five of the World Marathon Majors.   She started small and has worked her way up to achieve a respectable Boston Qual Time.   However,  it started with a simple desire to run 26.2 miles in under 4 hours.    My goal will be to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  That is a little less than 2000 words a day….assuming I will be able to write a little everyday.  images Or get called up for a Trial…. ( Speaking of which,   there is one on Tuesday.  So I have to call on Monday Night to see if it is still on.  Yeah, Jury Duty!)

Just 50,000 words.  How bad can it be???So that is all….I will hopefully report my progress as I trudge onward to conquer 50,000 words.  Maybe a plot point will excite me enough to even blog about it.  We shall see.   Now all I really have to do is find the time.   I have so much going on….with the bike riding, kite flying, and video gaming….I’m not sure how much time this novel writing will consume.  It is difficult to prioritize  things when they are ALL of equal importance.  It is hard work being a sloth.

Perhaps someone else reading this may want to challenge themselves to writing 50,000 words in 30 day as well.   Find the Link here at : . Ayn Rand would be proud of my Motivations... I won’t be so conceited or corny as to restate the cliché’:  “ If I inspire just one person….. “   Ugg!   Come on!  Really?   Who says these things?  ( Hint:  EVERYONE!   Including Miss America)   I’m slightly more self centered in that I want to keep this all to myself.  I want bragging rights that set me apart from people and I surely seek NO inspirational role in all this….Only money.    I can even do without the fame….Just the Cash….Let's prove a fortune true, for once. .assuming I’m even good enough to ever get published.  I guess there is always “self-publishing”…Who cares…as long as my Chinese Fortune comes true and the reward comes with $$$’s  before  it.

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Hi, Ethan and Cheryl:

I thought you might find this interesting.

Hope you're both doing well. I imagine you're producing lots of things to sell during the Holiday Season! Can't believe it's almost here already! Yikes!

~ Paula


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