Thursday, October 1, 2015

When in Doubt…Try Flying a Kite…Again!

flying a Kite I actually made!Ok,  so you may have heard by now that our week has been kind of stressful.  The threat of Broken vehicles, Labyrinthian City Roads, Confusing and Sporatic Public Transit,  Tear Gas, and Molotov cocktails should be enough to drive anyone to having an extra Honey Brown each night.  But instead of turning to alcoholism,  I decided to give the kite flying another go. (Besides,  I want to enjoy the Honey Brown as long as possible…and that means a certain level of restraint and rationing.)Not much wind, but it still floats

So I’ve decided to give up on the Stunt Flyer Kite for now…I attempted it once again out in the farm land.   The Wind there is “usually” pretty steady….but no dice.  Stunt Flyer simply needs a different area or wind velocity.   Instead,  I decided I would make my own kite out of simple household items I have lying around.  The design I settled for was one from Viet Nam.  Ok, I’m not sure if they are the “first” people to come up with the design…but I’ll give them credit. 

Sometimes.....Only if the wind comes from the right directionTwo sticks and some paper and tape.   That is it.   No fancy frame or plastic fabrics.   I was not even sure how it would turn out, being a rather simple crafter myself.  I figured I would be out about a $1 worth of materials if things did not work out.

I was quite pleased when the thing actually flew in Then again,  Sometimes it actually goes pretty high!my own backyard!    It was rough going since the wind never was very steady this afternoon.   Add in the fact that I’m surrounded by trees here in the yard.  I can't let it go too high,  I'm surrounded by trees and powerlines! The wind has only a couple of places it can actually travel through before forming an eddy and whirling around.  Nonetheless,  I managed to keep it airborne for several minutes at a time.   I actually had a little more control over it than expected.   Basically,  it was fun….and I probably spent a couple of hours pretending to be a kid again.  I did not even know Cheryl had snuck out and took pictures of me!

Cheryl's Fruit SushiOther than that,  Cheryl has discovered that making Sushi at home is much more fun and economical than buying it from HyVee.   Don’t get me wrong,  HyVee sushi guys do a great job….it is just rather expensive.   After Several YouTube Videos,   I must have convinced Cheryl to take the plunge and actually try to make some herself.   You see.. She won’t eat mine…because I apparently put in things she does not like.Not a bad attempt! 

After only a few attempts,  she has become pretty good at it.   She has even started making up her own “Designs”….to make the Sushi more “Marathoner Friendly”.  I have to admit that the fruit sushi is pretty tasty.  ( cream cheese, strawberries, Kiwi) I put all kinds of things in my Sushi Rolls.

As for me,   pretty much put in whatever I have available.   Avocado, smoked salmon, cucumber, carrots; just about anything. I may try sometimes to be more “artistic” with an experimental garnish now and then.   But they pretty much all look the same.  

Two meals!   Each roll is actually quite filling.So,  Next time you are having a stressful week…..perhaps you should try to look back on your childhood and find those things that made you happy…( Or in my case…always wanted to try as a kid) and do that.  maybe you will find something that will work out….if not,  hey!  At least it was fun right? I sometimes get more creative with the garnish than the actually sushi roll.

And to finish this post,  I have been watching a new Anime on Crunchyroll.   I’m not sure what the true name of it is..   Either Gun Buster or Die Buster.   Perhaps the name is lost in translation somehow.   But, what ever the name….I have decided it is a “worthy” anime and I will continue to watch it.   More importantly…the Ending Theme Song has captured me.  It sounds like a mix of ‘80 and 90’s songs….but I can’t dissect it. I have simply been playing over and over again to drive Cheryl crazy.   So see if you can figure out the connections….Enjoy the song on You Tube.           

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L. D. said...

When you describe whats in the raw makings I think I would like all of it. It is a great looking display. We use to fly kits down on the farm when I was a did. Sometime leaving the kite up in the air, tied to a post. Morning always meant walking a great distance to retrieve it. My kids in Asian Sunday school love the comics. They all try to draw them and imitate the look.


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