Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jury Duty? What Gives?

I know,  I should be elated that I get to perform my civil duty and go to Jury duty….However….
downloadFirst:   the problem.   I pushed back my duty until after the Stocking season had passed….Jan 5, 2016. Everything was all well and good, until I get a summons yesterday.  There is a trial on Tuesday of next week and I am supposed to be on it.    Obviously there is a mix up.
I call, yesterday.   The lady says I must have been an oversight on their part and just before I can give her my name and information,  my phone dies….Hmmm Is the Universe trying to tell me something? 
I call up today,  figuring I was off the hook for now and only had to make sure everything was in order…again!    This time I get someone else…..Who says I’m not even in the system!   WHAT?   images (1)I filled out the information online,  got the print out in front of me…..Why am I not there?  I took an hour to fill out all of my information and reasons why I needed the deferral.    She tells me that only a judge can excuse someone.   Obviously,  there is a missing or confused link here.   Hurray for GOVERNMENT!
So,  After hashing things out with the lady on the phone,  Looks like I’m going to end up going to the court house anyway to figure out what is going on and how things can be remedied.   imagesOn one hand, I think,   I should just attend this trial and bee good for the remainder of my time.   ( since a month has gone by already and I apparently missed a call up already!)   However,  that would still put me on the hook during prime Stocking season…..Not the best time to take a risk of that magnitude. 
2012-11-19-Jury-DutyOn the other hand,  there is much less going on in January….but that might be the time when people will most likely be called up.   I know my Brother would say, just show up and act like a crazy person….Well,  I don’t want to do that….Nor do I want to pay $500 or 6 months in jail for ignoring things.   I just find it funny that I get called up during the most inconvenient time….since we only have one car and Cheryl will be stranded at home without me.  I guess Jury Duty is NEVER convenient for people with “lives” so that is why no one likes being yanked out of their routine to perform a civic duty. 
I’ll have to make a Phone call tomorrow, but it is highly probable that I will have to go there on Tuesday no matter what the outcome is.   I should just stop fighting and swim with the tide I guess.  Rolling with the punches is probably the better answer.   We shall see.  Oh, And hopefully I won’t be in trouble for not showing up for the first trial….fingers crossed!  

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