Saturday, July 1, 2017

Running Against the Rules!

Running along the river.
Back to Muscatine today.  A pleasant day for running with sunny skies and a cool breeze.   It is true that the sun eventually creeps up on you, but for the most part,  It was nice.....  for biking anyway.

In the Sun.
Running Fast!
As for running,  Cheryl had a bunch of complaints.  Apparently, she runs too fast now.  Even for a training run,  7:45 miles are common.   As a result,   she gets too hot and grumpy and cuts the run down to a short 10 miles.   Talk about pathetic!

All for some quality fountain time.
So I have to ride along side and make sure she does not pick a fight with any of the other pedestrians, cyclist, and runners on the path.  I also have to hear the complaining and griping about how "I'm running too fast!  It's too hot!  I'm only going to run 10 miles today."   Somehow that makes an otherwise pleasant day seem more bothersome.
The "Rules!"
But there is always a good thing about getting the run over more quickly. Sometimes we have to discover that thing....But when we do!    All Cheryl's complaining is almost forgotten...  by her.
Cheryl says, "Nah.."

Cheryl's act of Civil Disobedience.
And so it was with the fountain.   Today,  Cheryl decided that she was going to embrace her inner child  in ways other than being a bother to adults and run through the fountain to cool off.

Of course there were rules.    And like all the other children in the area... she decided to ignore them.

Thankfully, an adult was present.... So I did not have to take responsibility. They did not seem to mind that there was an older person playing in the water with their kids.
How could I supervise when I found These?

 Having no kids of our own, sometimes we forget how an adult is supposed to behave. Maybe they can get away with never growing up.  Which explains a lot in our case.

Breaking the Rules must be Fun!
She looks happy....Now.
So after that fun,  we had lunch at Cheryl's favorite dive.    Two BLT's and Sundaes filled the void while I folded some Origami at Tee's   I guess the staff have been collecting them in the back.  I'll have to think up new and exciting models as we continue to visit there.
Origami Cat

So now a relaxing evening at home for the remainder of the day.   Cheryl has been taking pictures of Barn Quilts lately.   She has them posted on Instagram.

Just like home,  A cat watching us eat...

  It must be a runner's thing.... though I don't know how running and barn quilts go together.  I'll just continue to ride my bike along side.

Iowa Barn Quilts....and running.

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