Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Funday

I took time to clean up my shop and sharpen a couple of chisels tonight, Stuff that I have been putting off for a couple days while I had those orders going out. Tonight at the bookstore, I was paging through the new Carving Magazine and found a couple of things that I like. Normally, I find it very "beginner friendly" and not really for the serious carver, However, there was a wonderful article on carving the mouth of human face, ( and hands!) Something I have recently been struggling with. Granted, it is about power carving, but the pictures and steps I think will help me with the wood nymph. And since this is a short post. Here is the closing theme to Ah! My Goddess. If you know who the Andrew Sisters were, you will find this theme very familiar. ( They were a WW II group of Swing Singers) Enjoy! I have been humming and whistling the theme all week!

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